Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  Every few week you will see some items come off and some come on.  If there is an item that comes off the menu that is currently in your active subscription, you will receive an email informing you that items has been replaced with a different one.  If the replacement is not what you want, just log in and swap it out with something else. 

Wednesday morning at 10am for delivery or pick up on Friday.

Log in and click “SUBSCRIPTIONS” up at the top of the page

Then click the “ACTIONS” Button


Then just click “PAUSE” and confirm that it has been paused and you are good to go.  


When you are ready to start ordering again.  Follow these same steps but click “unpause” then you can click “adjust” to adjust your order if you’d like.  If you just adjust it but don’t click “unpause” it will not generate a new order.  


One-time orders are billed when you check out.  If you choose to make a subscription.  The order is created and billed at the cutoff time of Wednesday evening at 10pm MST based on what is in your subscription.  If your subscription is paused, no order will be created and you will  not be charged.

Visa, Mastercard or American Express can be taken in the checkout screen.

If you have a subscription, after the cutoff time, you can log back in and make changes to your next week’s order. Any changes need to be made before the following week’s cutoff time or you will receive what you had the week prior.

Your order will be delivered between 10am and 8pm on the day you selected.

No, we will ring your doorbell or knock but if you aren’t home, it’s okay. We pack the boxes with ice packs to keep this cool until you get there. If you plan on being on vacation or nobody will be home at all that day, please give us a heads up.

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